Letter to Ourselves written by William Boucher, the Executive Director of the Greater Baltimore Committee: Harold Edleston, Director of the Health and Welfare Council; and Richard Steiner, Director of the Baltimore Urban Renewal and Housing Agency(BURHA). A program to address socio-economic issues of poor people in the inner city as Baltimore was undergoing several urban renewal projects.

Civil Rights - Ordinance of Baltimore City - 1963

Civil Rights - Mayor's Committee on - June 1966

The Wayfarer - Special Issue on Baltimore's African American Leaders in 1967.

Pre-April 1968 Baltimore Riot Newspaper File

Donald D. Pomerleau, "Utilization of the National Guard in Coping with Civil Disturbances" Memphis - This was a speech given by Baltimore City Police Commissioner Pomerleau at a law enforcement conference held in Tennessee; June 12-14, 1967.

"How Baltimore Prevents Riots" - This article appeared in the March 1968 issue of Reader's Digest.


APRIL 1968 - Primary Sources

Agnew Riot Stand and African American Community Leaders

Agnew Rebuttal by Father Henry Offer, SSJ of St. Peter Clever,Courtesy of the Afro-American Newspapers Archives.

Gerard P. Gassinger's Riot Diary
This file contains the diary Mr. Gassinger kept during the disturbances, along with photographs of the businesses, employees, newspaper articles, and current photographs of the buildings.

Baltimore Police Department Reports: 1968 Riots
This is a complation of riot related items from the Lt. James V. Kelly Collection.

Greater Baltimore Committee
This file contains the Executive Committee Meeting held on April 19, 1968. Among the items discussed was a report on the recent civil disturbances and how they related to G.B.C. urban renwal activities .

Report of Baltimore Committee on the Administration of Justice Under Emergency Conditions - May 31, 1968

A Report of the Baltimore Civil Disturbance of April, 1968

Report on Baltimore City Disorder Relief & Support Activities, June 15, 1968

Police & Judicial Response to the Civil Disorders - April 1968 This file is from the Criminal Justice Collection

Maryland Crime Report - "The April 1968 Civil Disturbances"

Jane Motz, Report on Baltimore Civil Disorders - April 1968

Legal Representation for Rioters

Baltimore Police Department Newsletter - Lt. James V. Kelly Collection

Baltimore Police Department Insignia - Lt. James V. Kelly Collection

Hilda Perl Goodwin, "Dad's Store, 1920-1968" Generations 2005/2006, Jewish Museum of Maryland.


Buildings Damaged During Riots Database - Peter Levy

Post Riot Articles

April 1968 - One Year Later

Gay Street Riot Area - 1998

The Baltimore Afro - American, April 2008