The timeline was created by Nora Feinstein using our Print Media Source Book. The Source Book is a compilation of articles from Baltimore 's major newspapers: Baltimore American, [all editions]; Baltimore Sun, [both morning and evening editions]; Afro-American; Catholic Review; Jewish Times and the Labor Herald.

The driving tour was created by John Schwallenberg, community outreach worker, using the timeline. The podcast is narrated by Lenneal Henderson, distinguished professor, Schaefer Center for Public Policy.

The Baltimore City Paper, in its Baltimore's Best issue [September 17, 2008] awarded the driving tour as:


Best of Baltimore 2008We kid. This is actually a well put together, informative--if nearly completely depressing--tour of the damage caused by the riots of 1968 in the wake of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination. What makes the tour so depressing is the fact that so much damage remains, that armies of urban planners and developers and oceans of dollars and good intentions haven't been able to repair Baltimore (or many other U.S. cities, for that matter). What makes this tour so valuable is putting hard information--exactly where and when fires were started, rocks were thrown, windows were broken--to familiar, taken-for-granted scenes of devastation. But seriously, if you feel like scaring the bejesus out of some annoying, inner city-fearing in-laws, you could do worse than downloading a map and podcast and sending them on their way.