Stone Hill in Hampden


In 1982, Guy Hollyday and his wife, Pam Fleming, moved in to their home at 719 Field Street in Baltimore, attracted by the stone houses with fireplaces, big kitchens, yards, trees and gardens. In 1986, Guy began photographing the residents of Stone Hill.

For more than a year, he interviewed and photographed former residents of Stone Hill. In general, he sought out the olderst living members of each of the families that settled in Stone Hill before the 1940s. Many old families have gone unrepresented, however, either becasue Guy was unable to locate living members, or more rarely, because a person declined to be interviewed.

In June 1988, Guy Hollyday's photographs were exhibited at the Hampden Library Center, as part of the centennial of Hampden's annexation into Baltimore City. This also led him to publish a book in 1994, Stone Hill: The People and Their Stories.

In his original draft of the book, the chapters were arranged as follows:

Field Street: pdf file
Bay Street: pdf file
Puritan Street: pdf file
Pacific Street: pdf file
Neighbors: pdf file

However, this arrangement was abandonned in the published volume.

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